Monday, August 10, 2009

Count Down "10"

Well, we are going to start the count down to the 40 days/24 hours Prayer Campaign and the Devotion On Fire - 1,189 daily devotions.

Please read my "love letter" to all 16 ACiC/AI churches as below:

Dear brothers and sisters,

May the peace of the Risen Christ be always with you!

It is a month time from today that I will be consecrated as your bishop. I would like to write this “Love” letter to you asking for your prayers and support.

When I asked the Lord Jesus Christ what He wants me to do when I become a bishop, he gives me this verse:

“We will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word” Acts 6:4

And He also gives me three words:

1. Connecting
2. Relationship
3. Unity

It is in Acts 6:4 and the three “Key” words that I invite all of you to join me for two important journeys:

A 40 days/24 hours Prayer Campaign (August 20 to September 28).
Each participant use one hour a week to pray for the ministry of ACiC/AI and my new ministry as the bishop.

A 1,189 days of daily devotion reading the whole Bible.
In my recent study on the reality of the percentage of Christians having daily devotion, all findings are less than 10%. It is in this painful fact that I am going to devote myself to write a message each day in my blog ( to encourage more brothers and sisters to have daily devotion and to finish reading the whole Bible in 1,189 days. One chapter each day and there are 1,189 chapters in the Bible.

Both journeys will start on August 20, 2009, twenty days before my consecration.

We have 16 churches and maybe the best I can do is to come to your church once a year. That is not enough to build up trust and relationship. I do pray and hope that by praying and having daily devotion together we can be connected to a closer relationship that we can extend His Kingdom in unity.

In Christ,


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