Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

Please click this link to my new daily devotion blog and podcast "Time with Abba, Depression out":

And, my 40 days daily devotion blog tailor-made for those who would like to have their daily devotion the first time "Break.Build blog/podcast":

Praise the Lord! I completed my first blog yesterday!

I have been writing a Bible study and my spiritual journal one chapter a day for the past 1,190 days. There are 1,189 chapters in the Bible. There was one day I made a pause because I wanted to encourage more people to join the 24 hours prayer campaign to pray for my ministry. So, this Devotion on Fire blog completed yesterday on DAY 1,190!

After a few months of prayers and fasting I have decided to write a new blog:
Daily Devotion on Fire 2.
This will be a blog helping you to have a deeper daily intimate personal relationship with Jesus and to be able to memorize one golden verse everyday. Those words in the Bible are real spiritual bullets, an effective way to beat Satan. And, if you follow this new blog you will be able to finish reading the whole Bible in two years time (Not like this one, Devotion on Fire, three years and three months), one year New Testament and one year Old Testament.

I am going to start Countdown 9 today Thursday Nov. 22, 2012.  Day 1 will begin after the nine countdown on Dec. 1, 2012. I use my most beloved nine golden verses that I can memorize anytime for so many years as a start.
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