Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another powerful testimony! From Elise To

Well, it's good to publish two new posts on my birthday.

I would like to share with you two e-mails sent by Elise to me with her permission. By the way, I got Lucy's permission(the post two days ago) to share her exxperience with you too.

Many people prayed for Elise over a period of three months time all around the world when Elise had an accident and was in coma for more than a month in Athen last November. I flew to Athen to be with Kit, Elise, her parents and sister for eight days. The experience of seeing how God led and healed Elise is beyond words can express. Elise still needs two to three surgery and her surgery last Thursday was cancelled. This is her testimony of how the Lord led her to see things in a different way that she would not be "captured" by the Spirit of Discouragement. Please read her two e-mails as follows:

Dear Bishop-Elect Silas, Hi!
Today I got another call from the VGH again... she said that there are way too many emergencies in the hospital therefore my Friday surgery will be cancelled again. Starting next week, my surgeon will be on vacation and returning in September... therefore my surgery MAY resume by September. This morning when I got that phone call, I was very disappointed and even "sniff" ... later on, combining my deep thinking and devotion, I learned something. This morning when I felt blue, I looked at it from my selfish standpoint. Later, I understood that there are many people on the world and God's grace is on every human being i.e. God bless me and everyone else who needs medical treatment. He has His plan and timing for every step. It rings a bell in my brain - in Nov08 in Athens, I needed urgent attention from the hospital too. Therefore, at this time, when other neighbors need help (taking surgery), I gladly pass my spot to them and I pray for them. Now I understand more! This is Love =) Thanks for your time and prayers!!! Thank you very much!!!

Love and Emmanuel,

Dear Silas, Hahaha! I love that!

I wanted to call you Silas directly 'coz it's dearer =) Please go ahead to use my experience in your blog. Your blog is cool! ;o)
You know, I think I am experiencing God and His teaching way more than what I had before the accident. The bad accident is a life-changing event. God's plan is always considerate and amazing; I learn that me(and others) have to open our eyes and heart to see God's purpose. Hee hee!

Love & peace,

Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 15:40:34 -0700From: silasng@shaw.caSubject: Re: Surgery postponementTo:
Hi Elise,

Please call me the name that the two of you have been calling for so many, many years: Silas.
No more Bishop-elect Silas la!

Good to know you have seen so much! Can I copy and paste your experience on my blog when I share how God opened my eyes a week ago on a similar experience?

God is good, all the time!

Love in Christ,

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