Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Count Down "1" - To be vulnerable

Tomorrow is the first day for me to launch my 1,189 days of Daily Devotion. The purpose of this daily post is for sharing my daily encounter of "seeing" Jesus. Allow myself to be vulnerable so that you know my heart and know me more. Rev. Jen Morgan, Rector of Christ the Redeemer - Pender Harbour, gives us an important sharing of how she "sees" my blog in an e-mail she wrote to me last week and I got her permission to put it here:

I appreciate your care and support, and as you become our new Bishop I know that this will continue and grow. It is good to simply be asked how things are going and to know that you are available to share concerns and prayer requests. I know that as you are vulnerable with us, we can respond in the same way and share what is truly going on in our congregations.

Jesus wants me to be "VULNERABLE" so that more brothers and sisters of ACiC/AI can respond in the same way and share what is truly going on in our congregations.

I am not going to do some complicated things here in my blog. Very simple:

1. One chapter a day - Starts with John, then Matthew, Mark, Luke, finish reading the New Testament. And then from Genesis to Malachi to finish reading the Old Testament. Why one chapter and not a few verses? We need more Word of God daily to be more healthy.

2. One brief record of my "seeing" Jesus - What I have heard from Jesus Christ our Lord through that chapter as in the way of how we write our Spiritual Journal. I hope by doing this can encourage more people to write their own Spiritual Journal.

3. One prayer - As a way to give thanks to the Lord for what He has told me and to ask for the annointing of the Holy Spirit that I can be a "listen and obey" disciple of Christ.

"See" you tomorrow!

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