Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Count Down "2" - Are you called to fast for 40 days

I just called Lucy to ask for permission to copy and paste her e-mail. Please do not underestimate her e-mail for that might be many people's "listen but not obey" status and a final call from our Lord Jesus Christ. If you are called to join me, my wife Michelle, Rev. John Cox and Lucy to fast for 40 days(one main meal a day, lunch or dinner. You may drink water, milk or chocolate milk)please send an e-mail to me silasng@shaw.ca or bishopsilasng@gmail.com . We will start in two days time - August 20, 2009 till September 28.

If you have not joined our 40 days/24 hours Prayer Campaign please do so by giving me an e-mail stating the day and time you pray. Please click the link below for the update link. We still have around 70 empty spaces.

Link for the name list of 40 days/24 hours Prayer Campaign

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From: Lucy Yeung
To: Silas Ng
Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2009 10:30 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Please join me to pray

Dear Silas,
Once again "Thank YOU".
I was totally amazed when I read your blog this morning! I was actually "laughing". This is my story...You first told me about the 40 days fasting at our last house group, Aug 8. My immediate reaction was "Wow! 40 days fasting, that's a lot!" A part of me were saying I SHOULD participate, but then, I was thinking....I will be extremely busy for the next couple of months. I have three business trips lined up & that's awfully hard to fast when you are constantly meeting with clients & salesmen. I will do it next time.... BUT how can I say NO now?! I have to listen & OBEY. THANK YOU Silas, thank you for your sharing.

In Christ,

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