Friday, August 14, 2009

Count Down "6" - A powerful testimony from Lucy Yeung

I am so moved to read Lucy's e-mail about the joy of having her daily devotion. She, like many Christians, had no devotion for a long time and was encouraged by me during one of my Couples' group's gathering three months ago. I do hope and pray that you can have the same joy and strength as she has when you start your daily devotion. I mean really daily!

Also, I would like to invite you to have a 40 days fasting starting August 20(You don't need to fast on Sundays)with me and some others. There are a number of people receiving the same message to fast and pray for ACiC during the 40 days/24 hours Prayer Campaign period.

Here is Lucy's e-mail:

Lucy sent you a message.Subject: Thank you!"

Dear Silas, thank you for your encouragemnt that I have started my daily devotion a coupe of months ago. Ever since I have started my daily devotion, amazing things have been happening to my life. I am looking forward, counting down to share your spiritual journey in your blog. Since I have met you last Saturday, your face keeps popping on my mind. I know I need to do something more than praying for you. I have decided to fast & pray for you every Tuesday for the next month. It will be a big challenge for me!In Christ, Lucy."


  1. Hi Silas,

    Can you give more instruction on the topic of fasting? Does that mean not eating and drinking water all day or skipping one meal? Any literature you can refer us to?


  2. There are many ways of fasting. For this 40 days Michelle and I are going to skip lunch. We can drink water, milk or chocolate milk. We can have breakfast before 9a.m. and then have dinner after 6p.m. Silas


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