Monday, August 17, 2009

Count Down "3" - Listen but not obey

It not easy to be able to listen to the Lord Jesus Christ and it would be even more difficult to obey. Listen and not obey always happens to a Christian's life and we really need to learn "Listen and obey"!

To prepare you heart for the launching of my 1,189 days of "Daily Devotion on Fire" and the "40 days/24 hours Prayer Campaign" I would like to share with an important experience of how I listen but not obey!

About two months ago when I received the call to write the "Daily Devotion on Fire" and to launch the "40 days/24 hours Prayer Campaign" I also recieved a call to fast for 40 days beginning on the same day of that two events - August 20, 2009. As I thought my mom, mother-in-law, sister and brother will come over from Hong Kong to LA for my Consecration on Sept. 9, 2009, I decided not to respond to the Lord's call for the 40 days fasting. My rationale was that God might understand my situation that I need to have some feast with my family instead of fasting when I am with them. But then I received Rev. John Cox, one of the Rector of our ACiC churches. And the Lord used his e-mail to call me once again to fast on that 40 days. Please read John's message(I have got John's permission for me to share):

Hello Silas,

I hope you had a great trip to England - am sure you did reading your blog and your meeting with John Stott.

We will read your letter in Jericho Road when I get back from my first two-week holiday in a very long time.... These past twelve years have been grueling and my prayer is/has been that the Lord will redeem it all..... I believe He is doing that.

Just wanted to let you know that I have been sensing for some time a prompting to enter an extended fast for breakthrough in Port Alberni and a deeper release of spiritual gifting in my own life.... When I read your call to prayer for forty days it took a while to sink in... but I am going to enter a forty day fast to coincide with what you have called for.... We will also be encouraging members of Jericho Road to participate however they are able and also to prayer walk through the entire community. For the past two months we have held 'soaking prayer' times for four hours every Thursday evening between 5pm and 9pm..... and will continue to do so (about 8-10 people attend for some time regularly). The purpose being to encourage one another to give the Holy Spirit room and time to soak us into obedience, joyful relationship and servanthood within the context of worship.

Thanks to John that through him the Lord has once again teaches me of what does it mean by "Listen but not obey". So, I am going to fast for 40 days beginning this Thursday 20 August, 2009. The way I fast is usually to skip one main meal every day(lunch or dinner). And, Sunday is not a day of fasting. I would like to invite all those who read this e-mail and receive the same call to fast for 40 days for ACiC/AI beginning on August 20, 2009. Many of our ACiC priests and leaders ask me about my vision when I become a bishop. The only thing I can say is what I heard from the Lord:

1. Have daily devotion. You may let me be your mentor to follow my 1,189 days of "Daily Devotion on Fire" beginning on August 20, 2009 or use your own way of daily devotion.

2. Join our 40 days/24 hours Prayer Campaign beginning on August, 2009. If you have not signed up please click the link below to see the update list and give me an e-mail of which slot you would like to participate. We have 88 spaces left.

3. To fast for 40 days starting August 20, 2009. Please give me an e-mail so that I know how many will be fasting. One main meal a day and Sunday is not a day for fasting. That will be from August 20, 2009 to Sept. 28, 2009.

I think after this three "listen and obey" action the Lord will tell us more about the vision of ACiC/AI. His Word, Pray and Fast first then all "these" things will be given to you.

Attachment: 40 Days 24 hours Prayer Campaign (Update Aug 18, 2009)

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