Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DAY 14 - Not A Problem

Today’s Reading: John 14

(Please read John 14: 1 – 31 and listen to what the Lord Jesus Christ would like to tell you before reading my Spiritual Journal below. If you would like to learn a simple and good way of Daily Devotion method please read my “Count Down 5” from this blog.)

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“For He lives with you and will be in you.” John 14: 17

We as human beings always have so many troubles and problems: what’s next? I don’t have enough preparations? What about retirement? What about next year? What about tomorrow? Oh, no way out, I better kill myself! I don’t know? I am dead!

Jesus says, “Not a problem! Trust me and I’ll come and take you there. I will prepare for you. Don’t say that you don’t know. When the Holy Spirit comes, He is the Spirit of Truth and you will know what you need to know.”

This morning the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see the first time His two ways of being with us:

1. “He lives with you” v. 17 – That has been since creation.

2. “He will be in you” v. 17 - That points to Acts 2. When Jesus said that it did not happen yet. But it happened two thousand years ago according to Acts 2.

Jesus asked me this morning, “Where is the Holy Spirit now? Is He with you or is He in you?”

What is your answer?

May be this is a good time for you to kneel down to be humble before the Lord Jesus Christ. Repent! Ask for His blood to cleanse your sins and invite the Holy Spirit to come to LIVE IN YOU!

Dear Holy Spirit,
Come, come, live in me. Holy Spirit, give me your fresh anointing that I can receive your peace and walk with you daily. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

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