Friday, April 27, 2012

DAY 982 - Don't Discourage Others And Don't Be Discouraged!

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The easiest way is to take one hour slot for the whole week. What you need to do is very simple. Choose one dayThe easiest way is to take one hour slot for the whole week then prayerfully remembering the ministry of ACiC(ACiC has two Networks: ACiC, Anglican Coalition in Canada and AI, Asian Initiative). You may use the whole hour in prayer or you can still do you work in your office but use as much time as you can to pray and the other time work prayerfully that hour to pray for our ministry. I deeply believe that this is a way to draw as many participation as we can in prayers. I encourage you to participate. We need you to join us! Trust in the power of prayers!

Today's Reading: Isaiah 42

Please read Isaiah 42 and listen to what the Lord Jesus Christ would like to tell you before reading my Spiritual Journal below. If you would like to learn a simple and good way of Daily Devotion method please read my “Count Down 5” from this blog. You may click this link directly for the method: Subject Shifting Devotion.pdf. (You may begin with a song to praise the Lord and complete you devotion by singing another praise song.)

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Chinese praise song -
主你是我力量 You are my strength

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Bible Study

This chapter starts the first servant song in the Book of Isaiah(42: 1-4). There are three more servant songs in the following chapters(49:1-6, 50:4-9 and 52:13-53:12).

This is a chapter to declare the new things from God(vv. 8-9). The coming of the Messiah as God's servant(vv. 1-7). A new time that Gentiles and Jews will all praise the one true God because of the salvation from the Messiah and their relationship with him(vv. 10-17). But finally, because of the spiritual blindness and deafness of God's people who refused to see these new things from God, they were being attacked and looted by their enemy and there was no one to rescue and restore them(vv. 18-25).

How well are we prepared to walk with our Savior and Lord each day that we join in the flow of this new thing and that we are under His protection and blessings.

How well can we take the Servant Song as our job description to follow Jesus' example to be a good and faithful servant of the Lord to extend His new and mighty Kingdom.

My Spiritual Journal

What I received from Jesus today is: Don't discourage others and don't be discouraged!

Jesus leads me to see the Servant Songs as our job description. He draws my attention to the word "he will not falter or be discouraged". And yet, we are so easily falter and be discouraged. I have seen numerous cases including what I personally experience, when the tipping point came, people just faltered and discouraged, discouraged greatly! The worst case is we become those who discouraged others no matter intentionally or unintentionally!

Let's not be discouraged and always be an encourager, like Barnabas!

Dear Lord Jesus,
In the midst of darkness and troubles, lead us to get through those traps and mine fields that we will not be captured by the dark spirit and be discouraged. Help us to be able to encourage others with all we've got. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.

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Chinese praise song -
全地至高是我主 You Are Top No. 1

Prayer items today:


Bishop: Rt. Rev. Dr. Silas Ng (Michelle)

Network Leader: Rev. Peter Klenner (Jenny)

Network Leadership Team: Rt. Rev. Dr. Silas Ng, Rev. Peter Klenner, Rev. Ed Hird (Janice), Rev. Simon Neill (Jo), Rev. Ken Bell (Sonya), Mr. Andy Li (Amy)

Bishop's Chaplain: Rev. Ed Hird (Janice)

Bishop's Assistant: Mrs. Michelle Ng (Silas)

Clergy Formation Advisor: Rev. Ken Bell (Sonya)

Treasurer: Mr. Andy Li(Amy)

Administrator: Mrs. Zenia Cheng (Clarence)

Pray for our AMiA bishops:
The Rt. Rev. Chuck Murphy, III (Margaret)

The Rt. Rev. John Miller (Joyce)

Pray for one ACiC/AI church one day at a time:
Jericho Road Church, Port Alberni

Rector/Senior Pastor: Rev. John Cox (Sheryl)

Assistant Pastor: Rev. Brad Frey (Julia)

Pastoral Assistant: Rev. Dave Dejong (Megan)

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