Saturday, June 9, 2012

DAY 1025 - Smashed Beyond Repair!

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Today's Reading: Jeremiah 19

Please read Jeremiah 19 and listen to what the Lord Jesus Christ would like to tell you before reading my Spiritual Journal below. If you would like to learn a simple and good way of Daily Devotion method please read my “Count Down 5” from this blog. You may click this link directly for the method: Subject Shifting Devotion.pdf. (You may begin with a song to praise the Lord and complete you devotion by singing another praise song.)

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I Will Run to You

Chinese praise song -
彩虹下的定 A Promise under The Rainbow

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"Then break the jar while those who go with you are watching, and say to them. 'This is what the Lord Almighty says: I will smash this nation and this city just as this potter's jar is smashed and cannot be repaired."
Jeremiah 19: 10-11

Bible Study

God asked Jeremiah to buy a clay jar from a potter and take some of the leaders to the place where they burned incense to other gods and sacrificed children by fire. There Jeremiah proclaimed God's message about the coming disaster and broke the jar.

Why? At the end of this chapter Jeremiah says, "Because they were stiff-necked and would not listen to my words."

Well, are you get bored? I can't count how many times in the whole Old Testament that we as people of God are stubborn and stiff-necked. Now, it even states that we are just like the broken jar that is beyond repair!

Do you think you are one of those jars?
How can you help those who are one of those jars?

My Spiritual Journal

What I receive from Jesus is: Smashed beyond repair?

What I got from Jesus today is that He wants to lead us to those places people sacrifice lots of things to the false God. Those places can means lots of things and usual we as human beings are not able to see unless we invite the Holy Spirit to shine of us that we can see. Once we see there will be repentance. If not we will be smashed like the jar beyond repair.

Today is an important day of my Fuller D. Min. Commencement. I have the honor to be invited by the President of Fuller to give Benediction. Those 500 graduates including me are being anointed by the Holy Spirit to bring the message of Jeremiah to many people that they won't be stiff-necked and stubborn any more but to listen to God's word daily and to be able to join in God's mighty army to extend God's Kingdom.

Fuller, thank you!!!

Dear Lord Jesus,
Help us not to be stubborn and stiff-necked anymore but to listen to you daily so that we can take part in your Kingdom plan. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.

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Chinese praise song -
誰曾應許 Who Has Promised

Pray for our AMiA bishops:
The Rt. Rev. Sandy Greene (Gigi)

The Rt. Rev. TJ Johnston, Jr. (Rees)

Pray for one ACiC/AI church one day at a time:
Church of Our Lord, Comox

Rector/Senior Pastor: Rev. Dr. David Bowler (Jannice)

Prayer items today:


Bishop: Rt. Rev. Dr. Silas Ng (Michelle)

Network Leader: Rev. Peter Klenner (Jenny)

Network Leadership Team: Rt. Rev. Dr. Silas Ng, Rev. Peter Klenner, Rev. Ed Hird (Janice),

Bishop's Chaplain: Rev. Ed Hird (Janice)

Bishop's Assistant: Mrs. Michelle Ng (Silas)

Treasurer: Mr. Andy Li(Amy)

Administrator: Mrs. Zenia Cheng (Clarence)

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