Friday, August 10, 2012

DAY 1087 - Why Ezekiel's Wife Had to die?

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Today's Reading: Ezekiel 24

Please read Ezekiel 24 and listen to what the Lord Jesus Christ would like to tell you before reading my Spiritual Journal below. If you would like to learn a simple and good way of Daily Devotion method please read my “Count Down 5” from this blog. You may click this link directly for the method: Subject Shifting Devotion.pdf. (You may begin with a song to praise the Lord and complete you devotion by singing another praise song.)

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Bible Study

Being faithful to God can be very costly! It's really unacceptable that Ezekiel's wife died just in one day's time. What could be the respond if your wife die like that because God wants you to be a prophet? Can you take it just as how Ezekiel did?

God give Ezekiel a parable to tell his rebellious people. jerusalem would be like a cooking pot and its inhabitants like pieces of meat and choice bones. The Babylonians would come and consume the meat and bones. To make Ezekiel and the Jews an urgent sign to what was really coming, Ezekiel's wife died!

Yes , following God and doing what He commands us to do it's always so costly!

My Spiritual Journal

What I got from Jesus today is: Why Ezekiel's wife had to die?

Today's situation reminds me of my wife Michelle's leukemia two years and five months ago. If she died that day when she went to the hospital just like Ezekiel's wife, do you think I can be obedient as Ezekiel or I became crazy, mourning, crying, losing myself and blaming God?

Everyone would say that we would be so obedient just as Ezekiel. The fact is, you'll never know until that crisis really come.

God has a bottom-line and the Jews crossed that bottom-line and destruction came. The sad thing is that to be a prophet of God you might have to suffer first so that you can have that pain to warn God's people. Pain, the Cross, giving and sacrifice is what we have to take as God's prophet! Do you think you can endure that?

Dear Lord Jesus,
Help us to be ready to suffer for you so that we can have the heart, the pain and your words to tell other what you want us to tell. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.

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